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Digital currency market information Application launched in Nepal

UnelmaCash is one of the first digital currency market applications developed in Chitwan, Nepal. It allows users to get real-time digital currency information with a simple, straightforward and intuitive user interfaces. A group of summer interns who are working at Unelma Platforms developed UnelmaCash where these young developers have included more than seven hundred digital currencies information in the application. Also, UnelmaCash application comes with universal converter - that lets users convert from one currency to another with ease. The prices listed in the UnelmaCash application is based on FIAT currencies. FIAT is legal currency whose value is supported by the government that circulated it. For example, the U.S. dollar is a case of fiat money, as are the euro and many other major world currencies. According to Unelma platforms intern team, UnelmaCash is offered as an advertisement free option to the public. The digital currency market statistics gets updated every ten minut

Unelma Platforms Launches Robust SaaS-Based Email Marketing and Newsletters Platform:

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new and powerful email marketing platform, Umail . Umail is a web-based application with a set of straightforward and easy to use tools for any marketing and sales professionals. The robust email platform developed by Unelma team can be used in Software as a service (SaaS) setup. Umail can do several marketing-related tasks: sending more than a million email without any hassle or limitation, subscription management, managing lists, importing/exporting mass subscribers from Excel or CSV file format, customising subscribers, list management and segmentation support, single or double opt-in support and autoresponder for subscribers and much more. Umail has built in tracking and statistics reporting tool together with file and document browser where each user can track delivery of their email sent across the globe in the forms of graphs and charts. Umail’s report and analytics give users a lot of valuable and insightful information wh

Unelma Platforms Launches Nepal’s First File Sharing and Cloud Storage Platform:

UnelmaCloud is one of the first file sharing and cloud storage platform developed in Chitwan, Nepal. It allows users to share files across multiple devices from anywhere on the Internet. UnelmaCloud surpasses current industry leaders in file sharing and cloud storage solution. UnelmaCloud comes with users dashboard that is filled with many easy to use features to manage and preview files and folders. It also allows to sharing of files across social networks or through email. Users of the UnelmaCloud platform can easily drag and drop files, create favourites, trash files or folders and use the generic search feature to search across all the files in simple and intuitive manner. UnelmaCloud is offered with 5GB free storage for the registered users. And for the business customers, the platform is provided in a software-as-a-service model. As a result, users are offered multiple tiers of storage space for the chosen price per month. UnelmaCloud allows not only files to be uploaded

Unelma Platforms Raises USD 9.74 Million

Chitwan-based software development company closed a USD 9.74 million seed financing round. Unelma platforms announced that has successfully closed a seed financing round raising USD 9.74 million. The seed round was led by private investment and the personal investment of current chairman of the board of Unelma Platforms, Dr Santosh Kalwar. Unelma platforms will use the funds to launch new technologies and will aim to “empower people” in Nepal and around the globe. Unelma platforms will use the funding to accelerate development of its platform products for 2017-2020 fiscal year, recruit additional engineering talent, and drive its sales and marketing efforts to meet demand for the company’s strategy and also expand the datacenter resource activity. It has already started to gain momentum by launching series of competing and innovating software products in Nepalese market, and it will continue to do so in the future. Unelma P. has launched series of “Nepal’s first” s

JobsWayIn, a job portal launched in Chitwan

A job portal named ‘ JobsWayIn’  has been launched in Chitwan to connect both the job seekers as well as the job providers in a simple and intuitive way.  Unelma Platforms , a Nepalese software platform development company recently announced the launch of the portal. JobsWayIn is a free software portal for job seekers and job providers. Developed in Chitwan, Nepal, it is a web portal with a set of straightforward, simple and easy to use interface. With JobsWayIn, the employer signup process only takes a couple of minutes, and once the registration is complete, users have access to search both the job seekers as well as job providers. “The employers can quickly post a job in various categories and job seekers can apply for the jobs posted by the companies. There is a possibility of searching open jobs from other career sites inside the portal itself,” said the company in a statement. The registration process takes just a couple of minutes after which the job seekers can upload CV

Unelma Platforms Launches Native and Robust Analytics Platform:

Userly is one of the first analytics software developed in Chitwan, Nepal. It is a powerful analytics service platform that empowers personal or business websites. Userly empowers not only the sites with powerful analytics, but it is more than an app that converts the data to powerful insights for measuring and monitoring websites information. Various forms of data can be easily mashed up and collected to generate interesting insights for your personal or business websites: Alexa data, similarWeb data, whois data, social media data, search engine index, Google page rank, IP analysis, malware check, Moz check, DMOZ check to name just a few. It integrates some other great SEO tools such as link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, backlink creation/search, website ping, Google ad words scraper. Userly will be offered with free bonus utility tools such as email encoder/decoder, meta tag generator, open graph meta tags generator, plagiarism

Unelma Platforms Launches Innovative Time Management Software: u|TIME

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new employee time management software called: u|TIME. u|TIME is one of the first employees time management and scheduling software developed in Nepal. It is a web application with a set of straightforward, simple and easy to use user interface. It is focused on empowering employees to respond to their specific needs. u|TIME has the features that assist all the employees in the organisation. With the help of this innovative tool, for example, employees in public or private sector can easily manage themselves. Unelma platforms claim that u|TIME is a most powerful time management tool developed in Nepal yet and can be useful in many different ways. An organisation who will use u|TIME can easily export employees data, track workers and generate their payroll reports quickly; the managers can also get updates and alerts on employee time. There is an advanced employee scheduling with instant support and services available as well. u|TIME is target

Unelma Platforms Launches SaaS-based Security Platform:

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new IT security platform, uSecureMe is a web application with a set of straightforward and easy to use tools for any security professionals. The web application developed by Unelma team can be utilised both in traditional format (e.g., single use) and is also available in SaaS (Software as a service) setup. uSecureMe can do many security-related tasks: domain lookup, hash generation, virus scan (with more than 50+ commercial virus software available to use), bulk credit card checks and validation and much more. For example, uSecureMe can check malicious codes written in HTML, CSS, PHP and other source files; it can also generate robustly, scan open ports (to see which ports are open and which are closed), etc. Unelma platforms claim that uSecureMe is a most powerful security-based tool for security professional where it comes with a hash generator, useful monitoring tools, dashboard with stats, input sanitization, sites infor

Unelma Platforms Launches Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Platform:

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new friendly Facebook data extraction platform, fScraper allows users to extract structured data from Facebook without writing any computer code. The users can collect Facebook data for any generic keywords, location data, group data, event data, user data and can also generate fascinating insights. For example, site visitors and fScraper members can easily fetch tens of thousands of email without writing a single line of code. Unelma platforms claim that fScraper is a most powerful web-based tool with controlled machine learning and artificial intelligence capability to extract various kinds of data, especially from the popular social networking platforms such as Facebook. fScraper is targeted at product managers, advertisers and marketers and also towards computer hobbyist and enthusiasts who want to obtain a high volume of data with the simple click of a button. fScraper has built in support for ten internationa

Unelma Platforms Launches Groundbreaking SaaS-Based Data Extraction Platform:

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new data extraction platform, uScraper turns the web into a database and allows users to extract structured data from websites without writing any computer code. The users collected data is stored on uScraper’s cloud servers to be downloaded and shared. For example, extraction of email list from multiple sources i.e. text/JSON/XML/doc/docx/pdf files and the favourite search engine such as Google/Yahoo/Bing can be simply done with the click of a button. Unelma platforms claim that uScraper is a most powerful web-based tool to extract various kinds of data by well-tested techniques like crawling and deep searching on Google/Bing/Yahoo search platforms. uScraper can scrape encoded texts and also ASCII-encoded information can be easily decoded by uScraper. uScraper is targeted at product managers, advertisers and marketers and also towards computer hobbyist and enthusiasts who want to extract and generate insights using the uScra

Unelma Platforms Launches Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform:

Unelma Platforms has launched a new crowdfunding platform designed to support people and businesses across several categories of industry. Individuals who were affected by the recent Nepal earthquake are hoping to raise $1000 for rebuilding of school buildings with local government municipalities. Users can tell their story and create their campaigns with the help of this revolutionary crowdfunding platform. Unelma Platforms said that this innovative platform gives individuals and businesses primarily NGOs and INGOs the chance to “express and tell their story” to the international audience in a simple and intuitive way. It is targeted at non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and many other causes across several domain and industries. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Fundheartly makes it transparent for both the investors and the campaigners to connect with each other in a simple and secure way. Contact Information:

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