Unelma Platforms Launches Robust SaaS-Based Email Marketing and Newsletters Platform: Umail.site

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new and powerful email marketing platform, Umail. Umail is a web-based application with a set of straightforward and easy to use tools for any marketing and sales professionals. The robust email platform developed by Unelma team can be used in Software as a service (SaaS) setup.

Umail can do several marketing-related tasks: sending more than a million email without any hassle or limitation, subscription management, managing lists, importing/exporting mass subscribers from Excel or CSV file format, customising subscribers, list management and segmentation support, single or double opt-in support and autoresponder for subscribers and much more.

Umail has built in tracking and statistics reporting tool together with file and document browser where each user can track delivery of their email sent across the globe in the forms of graphs and charts. Umail’s report and analytics give users a lot of valuable and insightful information which further improves the campaigns that users can create through this platform. There is also a possibility to find whether the email reached potential subscribers or not together with the measurement of user’s behaviour and actions.

Unelma platforms claim that Umail is a most powerful email marketing tool where it not only supports sending millions of email daily but also automates email scheduling and management with a RESTful API which makes it easy to integrate and empower customers own website or application. For example, Umail’s API can enable users to create, manage, send, schedule, list, track and deliver statistics of email campaigns they create. Umail also comes with an advanced template builder together with pre-built templates and layouts to simplify the user experience. Umail has inbuilt support for native integrations with third-party tools for sending the email.

Umail.site is targeted at marketing managers, consultants and sales and also towards computer hobbyist and enthusiasts who want to send millions of email daily without any restriction or limitation. An early beta version of Umail is launched to make email marketing platform free to everyone.

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