Showing posts from May, 2018 music sharing platform has gone pro

We are proud to announce today that our music and entertainment platform, has gone pro.  With less than $2, a pro version allows music lovers to upload now 4GB of total space allowed to upload music. The track size can be extended from 7MB in the standard package to 50MB in pro package option.  With pro version, there are an extended stats about the music played, artists who shared the same taste in music and much more.  With users can know who's playing your tracks and in which country your records are the most played. A pro version of the badge is given to those who have purchased a pro-version of the music through

Unelma Platforms Userly and e-Sathi has been updated with some exciting changes

Today we are proud to announce that two of our growth platforms. and  has been updated with some exciting changes In Userly, which is an analytics platform we have fixed an issue with plagiarism check, set the URL shortener issue which was reported by some users and also improved other bugs.  In e-Sathi, which is the social networking platform we have fixed number of issues.  Since most of our users reported to have Group features we have done so: - Added group members feature - Added an ability to have admins in the groups - Users can now manage their pages - We have also fixed several issues with mobile slowness and other related things There are plenty of exciting changes which our development team has fixed, and we are proud of those changes. If you have never used our platforms before, now is the time to check them. :) Thanks for all the users and our customers who provided significant help in improvin

UnelmaCloud crossed over 50 customers

Today we are pleased to announce that Unelma Platforms UnelmaCloud platform has crossed over fifty customers. Hurray! In UnelmaClould users can store files and folders very easily. It is unlike the Google Cloud, DropBox and any other cloud storage services concerning the handling of those sensitive files and folders.  As the goal of Unelma Platforms is to empower people, UnelmaCloud is freely available service. There are no hidden cost or credit card charges for the files and folder one manages on UnelmaCloud.  We have reached a half-century milestone. Hip-hip, Hurray!

What is the GDPR and what is our path to GDPR compliance?

At Unelma Platforms we take your personal data very seriously. Most of our platform products are ad-free and stress-free. We do not sell your data to third-party and advertisers and we never will. W e manage so many of our daily activities online that the web has inevitably turned into a giant pool of personal data, which is exposed to a variety of risks, as was the recent case with Facebook. Europe’s  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , which goes live on May 25th, is aimed at addressing all security risks by enforcing a strict data protection regulation across the EU and beyond.  What is the GDPR all about? The GDPR regulation is the most impactful piece of data privacy legislation in the new century. Coming on the heels of the recent Facebook scandal, which revealed that the data of millions of Facebook users had been misused for the sake of third-party campaigns, the GDPR regulation is designed to regain order in how personal data is handled and stored online.

Unelma Platforms UnelmaMovie - an AI-based platform is doubling every week

UnelmaMovie AI-based platform is doubling every week: crosses over 200k page views, 100k movie titles, 75k actors and much more fascinating insights As promised we are showing you our latest stats on platform. In this early Q2, we have seen tremendous growth in platform.  Our AI-based platform, UnelmaMovie has double the number of page views from 100k to 200k, over 100k movie titles and more than 75k actors automatically.  Even the famous media houses in Finland and Hollywood are starting to contact us which is a good sign as we want to work closely with them. Of course, we are working tirelessly to improve the UnelmaMovie platform, but in case you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are all ears...

Userly updated, and Android Mobile app launched

Our Userly team notified us about significant version update to the analytics platform. We have updated Userly with version 4.0.1 which was previously running 3.5. The current version has substantial upgrades in the design    We upgrade our entire framework stack    Added automatic installation and update in our analytics platform   Added support from various third-party add-ons and also updated those   Redesigned dashboard view of Userly  Added 55+ commercial Virus scanner (which will scan code for malware and viruses)   Added Google indexer and Similarweb data   Removed much of our deprecated third-party plugins and tools Bonus, we also have developed Android app for Userly, you may download the Android app from here: Let us know about your feedback and suggestions.  Download Userly (from Google Play Store )

Unelma Platforms is Mobile Sites certified by Google

# Unelmaplatforms  passed the Mobile Sites assessment to become certified in Mobile Sites. The Mobile Sites certification assessment is designed to test your knowledge of mobile website development.