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Happy holidays

On behalf of  # unelmaplatforms , wishing you  # happy # MerryChristmas  and  # HappyNewYear2018

Empowering 1 million people

We never imagined that one day we will be touching over one million people in the real world and today that day has come. We are now empowering over 1 million people through our products, applications and services. Of course, this is not an end of the story. At Unelma (P) LTD our humble story has just started, and there is a long way to go. Every organisation's story is different. Ours is also a bit different. We are rapidly scaling up with recruitments and hiring professional employees (not just engineers but we combine humanities and social sciences with technologists and other domain experts).  We are diverse not just regarding our products portfolio but people that we employ here at Unelma Platforms.  We are always open and hiring :)

Unelma Platforms Launches Novel and Free Education Platforms Called Vidya ERP for Nepal: Vidya.Software

Vidya ERP is the cloud-based ERP system for the school, college and university management system developed by Unelma Platforms Pvt. Ltd. Vidya ERP provides the most advanced backend ERP with feature-rich resources management and planning for unlimited users in public or private enterprise. Vidya ERP comes with a handful of features where there is fully functional and automated admission system for students. It is now easy to enrol students for a specific class; students can be imported in bulk and class management with multiple sections is possible without hassle. Vidya ERP can promote students from one class to another where one can easily choose which students get encouraged to a new academic session. Teachers can efficiently manage students' daily attendance whereby keeping track of students presence and absence. Vidya ERP also comes with exam management, exam evaluation or mark sheet management where comparing and evaluating exam arks is possible. Vidya ERP comes with tonnes has crossed over 100+ users

Among many of our free products, one such product is - questions and answer platform. We are proud to announce that this recently launched product has crossed over 100+ users recently. There are interesting questions posted on our platform and some very interesting discussions are also on-going.  Here's your question posting frequency for the last 3 weeks If you have any questions on your mind or if you know some of the topic related to technology, arts, social sciences then please feel free to engage in interesting conversation at 

Unelma Platforms is ranked higher than Google

We have crossed over Google in ranking. According to CrunchBase, which is a leading database for companies around the world, today we have crossed over another multinational company that is popular and renowned all over the world: Google. Unelma Platforms is ranked higher than Google. But does ranking even matter? We don't think it as an important factor. Nevertheless, it shows that we are gaining traction and momentum from all across the globe. Thank you all our valuable customers and users who are loving and enjoying our growing platforms.