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Fundheartly have empowered people to raise $1.3M

Remember last year in 2017 when we launched and announced our platform, ... we hardly got any press or news coverage and the Fundheartly platform had limited user in the platform...and now the metrics have changed drastically.  We are pleased to announce that our crowdfunding, has empowered people to raise more than  $1.3M and the fund amount that we have given to fundraisers is growing every day. Fundheartly is a crowdfunding platform for fundraising of all sizes. Fundheartly makes it easy for non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and many other causes to raise money from friends, family, colleagues, donors, and supporters. It is easy to create Fundheartly campaign. You just tell your story in front of potential donors who would understand your story and are willing to help you with the donation amount... and are also willing to invest in the causes they care about most. Once the campaign is created we

Unelma Platforms Launches Social Networking Platform:

Unelma Platforms is a multinational technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services. Unelma Platforms has built several projects, software solutions and services across a diverse range of categories such as higher education, healthcare, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Today Unelma Platforms announced the launch of social networking platform called . e-Sathi's mission is to participate and connect Nepal and globe into one single unified platform. The goal here is to connect and share information especially for those underprivileged, growing communities and people of so-called "third-world" countries. e-Sathi wants to connect those type of people with individuals who are open and want to share and collaborate with peers and make friends. The heart of e-Sathi is friendship — "sathi" meaning a friend in Nepalese (and also in many other languages). comes with many we

Unelma platforms is among 25 Startups using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning differently in 2018

#Unelmaplatforms is among 25 Startups using Artificial Intelligence (#AI) and machine learning differently in 2018  With children increasingly using smartphones and tablets and coding becoming a part of national curricula around the world, technology has become an integral part of classrooms. We have already witnessed the rise and impact of education technology especially through a multitude of adaptive learning platforms that allow learners to strengthen their skills and knowledge – CBTs, LMSes, MOOCs and more. And now virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining traction to provide us with lifelong learning companion that can accompany and support individuals throughout their studies – in and beyond school . An AI based educational platform learns the amount of potential held by each particular student. Based on this data, tailored guidance is provided to fix mistakes and improvise on the weaker areas. A detailed report can be generated by the teachers t

How to add Facebook app in

Some of our customers have requested to learn more about how one can add the Facebook app in our  Here are the simple steps to follow: Go to   From the menu on the right, click on Facebook settings --> Add You will get a form to add your Facebook app information, you will get app domain, site URL, valid OAuth redirect URL needed to create the Facebook app. Copy the URLs and create your Facebook app following the process below. You can create multiple apps and can add but the only one can be enabled at a time. Create your own Facebook app and put  APP ID  and  APP Secret .  The fScraper - friendly scraper platform will take care of rest. How to create facebook app and get API ID & APP Secr  using your Facebook account and click "Add a new app". Type a "Display Name", select category "Business" and click "Create App ID" Click "Settings" menu. Her

fScraper has been updated with latest changes

Today we are pleased to announce the updated version of our friendly scraper - .  We believe privacy and terms of use are of utmost importance in any web application or services so we have now built-in support for Facebook's privacy policy and terms of service.  If you visit , you will see that we have now updated our privacy policy and terms of service .