Unelma platforms is among 25 Startups using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning differently in 2018

#Unelmaplatforms is among 25 Startups using Artificial Intelligence (#AI) and machine learning differently in 2018 

With children increasingly using smartphones and tablets and coding becoming a part of national curricula around the world, technology has become an integral part of classrooms. We have already witnessed the rise and impact of education technology especially through a multitude of adaptive learning platforms that allow learners to strengthen their skills and knowledge – CBTs, LMSes, MOOCs and more.
And now virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining traction to provide us with lifelong learning companion that can accompany and support individuals throughout their studies – in and beyond school . An AI based educational platform learns the amount of potential held by each particular student. Based on this data, tailored guidance is provided to fix mistakes and improvise on the weaker areas. A detailed report can be generated by the teachers to help them customise lesson plans to best suit the needs of the student.
Take Gruff Davies’ Kwiziq for example. Gruff with his team leverage AI to provide a personalised learning experience for students based on their individual needs. Students registered on the platform get an advantage of an AI based language coach which asks them to solve various micro quizzes. Quiz solutions provided by students are then turned into detailed “brain maps”.  These brain maps are further used to provide tailored instructions and feedback for improvement.

Other startup firms like Blippar specialize in Augmented reality for visual and experiential learning. Unelma Platforms, a software platform development company provides state-of-the-art software for higher-education, healthcare and business markets.


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