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Happy Easter 2020

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy 

Unelma.IO has been launched

We have started experimenting with our other product called: The idea behind is straightforward we want to provide users and customers with the powerful click-worthy and branded links so that users can maximize the digital impact with industry-leading features and tools.  There are many similar URL shorteners and tools available, and all the major companies in the world have them. For example, Google had its URL shorteners back in 2009, but they discontinued in place of already popular tools such as bitly, rebrandly and etc  We have started mainly for two primary reasons: a) for our use and b)  many of our customers and users have asked for these and some of those people who have had the experience of using our products (e.g. marketers, advertisers and some enterprise-level customers) who are looking for something different than just open source or accessible services.  You can learn more about URL Shortening from this Wikipedia page . 

UnelmaMail project from Business Finland Completed

We started a UnelmaMail - AI-based email marketing automation platform during 2017 and progressed very rapidly in the last three years.  Last year, during 2019, we received a grant funding from Business Finland (BF) to expedite the process of our research and development for UnelmaMail platform. I am pleased to inform you that our UnelmaMail project with help from BF (or formerly Tekes) grant has been completed successfully.  Following primary objectives were discovered from the project. We generated a descent revenue  Our user and customer-based growth was extremely high We have now more than 10 million subscribers in the platform, this is very rapid and extreme growth compared to the project when we had initially 10,000 subscribers during 2017. During these three years time interval, our subscribers have grown to more than 10 million We have partnered and worked closely with many major industry leaders in the platform, e.g. Amazon SES, Twilio Inc (i.e. Send

UnelmaPay has been officially verified by Facebook

Facebook has officially verified one of our emerging platform called " UnelmaPay " (or "UPay" in short). The official verification builds up trust among our customers and consumers alike.  If you don't know what is "UnelmaPay", then our co-founder has written a research paper about it which is available from here . In short, it is an online digital wallet which facilitates transactions from party A to party B. We have partnered with major third-party payment gateways to make life easy for consumers in the developing world. Some of our payment partners are big names in this industry, e.g. Paytm , PayPal , Payeer , advCash , among others.  Of course, we also collaborate with local banks so that the online digital wallet works under the central bank purview and follows local regulatory practices.  But one of the biggest social media company in the world verifying our official UnelmaPay page is a considerable boost to our morale. (As a side note, w

Unelma Health is launched

Unelma Health is launched We have started experimenting with our health-related platforms a bit.  Our new health-related products can be seen from The idea behind Unelma Health platform is simple: we provide health-related solutions for hospitals, clinics and personalized medicine to those in need.  Right now, we are also providing live CoronaVirus data and a simple visualization based on the current event.  Feel free to browse the site and send us comment or concerns.  Website: Facebook:

Unelma Platforms Oy is listed among 110 Helsinki Startups to Watch in 2020

There are several startup emerging everyday in the world. Unelma Platforms Oy is located in multiple countries and we are close to Northern Europe as well.  In Helsinki for example, our company is listed among the top 110 Startup to watch in 2020 Of course there are some big names such as: SuperCell, Wolt, RELEX etc but we are around top 50 in the list.  110 Helsinki Startups to Watch in 2020 Helsinki's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 110 Helsinki tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between. Please feel free to checkout those emerging companies and we thank you for your support over the years to our small startup. Source: SeedTable