Unelma.IO has been launched

We have started experimenting with our other product called: unelma.io. The idea behind unelma.io is straightforward we want to provide users and customers with the powerful click-worthy and branded links so that users can maximize the digital impact with industry-leading features and tools. 

There are many similar URL shorteners and tools available, and all the major companies in the world have them. For example, Google had its URL shorteners back in 2009, but they discontinued in place of already popular tools such as bitly, rebrandly and t.co etc 

We have started unelma.io mainly for two primary reasons: a) for our use and b)  many of our customers and users have asked for these and some of those people who have had the experience of using our products (e.g. marketers, advertisers and some enterprise-level customers) who are looking for something different than just open source or accessible services. 

You can learn more about URL Shortening from this Wikipedia page

More improvements to our product "unelma.io" will come, and we will keep you posted. 

So if you have a very long URL, you can use our free service which is available from here.


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