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Image is updated We have now updated with several bug fixes and minor enhancements. Userly helps in search engine optimisation and visitor analytics or web analytics in general.  In the case of search engine optimisation, Userly can efficiently perform link analysis, keyword position, Google Adwords scraping.  In this minor enhancements, we have added fix for email template where you can see From an email in the body of the mail.   The support has been enhanced. The issue with Google URL Shortener is fixed which was not showing in the member panel. Also, the code minification is made to work. comes with free API key for more than a hundred tools. 

UnelmaMail now comes with German and Portuguese

Here is a brief update on our email marketing automation platform. Our UnelmaMail is now available with German and Portuguese language.  UnelmaMail already supports Spanish and English. More language capabilities are in progress.  As we believe communication is global, our localization department for UnelmaMail is working extremely hard to bring more language and translation capabilities on the UnelmaMail platform.  In coming weeks, we will have Finnish, Swedish, Hindi, Nepalese and Urdu language as well.  The localization project is supported by: Business Finland

Web Guru Awards: Certificate for Guru of the Day

Our Web Guru Awards Certificate for Guru of the Day has finally arrived.  It looks really amazing.  See how the correspondence from the Web Guru Awards Look like: Hello, Your inspiring work and the contribution to the internet is amazing! We would like to officially certify your work. Attached is your certificate for download and print. The Certificate number on certificate is the unique number. On search bar of the website ( ) if you type your certificate number your website detail page will be displayed. Don't forget to tweet @webguruawards or Instagram us a photo on your wall of your certificate to @webguruoftheday with the hashtag #WebGuruAwards. Please mail us the pictures too at   so we can add in our website: And if our work has benefited you then do not forget to COIN A PHRASE for us on email ( ) and we would love to show here:   http://webguruawa

How to Succeed with a Startup - Top 18 Key Takeaways Lessons from Y Combinator

Recently we were watching Y Combinator video and came up with these takeaways and very nice points from Sam Altman so we think these are very much relevant in any Startup companies out there. We at Unelma Platforms can relate to must of those as well. The 18 Key Takeaways: 1. A product so good people tell their friends 2. Product to be easily understood - to be articulated in 1 sentence 3. Market you're in to experience exponential growth (soon) 4. Ensure you're part of a real trend (lots of actual usage) 5. Evangelical founder (CEO should act out 24/7 hustle) 6. Ambitious vision (something massive and exciting yet rooted in facts) 7. Its now easier to start a hard startup than an easy startup (hard problems are meaningful and thus attract top talent more easily) 8. Confident and definite vision (this is what is going to happen, courage of own convictions) 9. 'Huge if it works' (very small chance of success, like all startups, but if it works, it will be massive)

Web Guru Awards Winner - Guru of the day

UnelmaCloud has finally become winner in Web Guru Awards 2018.  It is such an honor for us to see our cloud platform, UnelmaCloud receiving the "Guru of the Day" Award.  The globally recognized Web Guru Awards acknowledges well designed, functional and impactful websites through honoring them with a badge of honor as Guru of the day, month or year. From portfolio to eCommerce websites, people from all over the world get a glimpse of what you have to offer.

UnelmaCloud has been nominated for "Web Guru Awards" 2018

UnelmaCloud has been nominated for " Web Guru Awards " 2018 Web Guru Awards recognizes the talent and effort of the best web designers in the world.  So this is how the correspondence reads: Hello UnelmaCloud, Congratulations!   Your website has been added to the 'Web Guru Awards' gallery. To help your website become the ‘Guru of the day’, share the link below with as many people as you possibly can. Add the 'Web Guru Awards' badge from the link below onto your website and let the world know about your success. Thanks, Web Guru Awards Team

UnelmaMail has a new home page

We have been working on UnelmaMail for quite a sometime now. Last year we already launched UnelmaMail as Umail platform for email marketing automation without a landing page. So some people raised a valid question: how can you have a web app without a landing page? We were much more focused on developing the core app and not some fancy marketing landing page then.  But now we have learned a business lesson. For any SaaS-based business, you must have a landing page and web app. And try to separate these two layers so that your marketing team can work on landing page whereas your technologists and developers can work on an application.  UnelmaMail is the world's first AI-powered, full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Automation Platform developed by Unelma Platforms.  We can beat expensive service like MailChimp and Salesforce marketing hands down. If you run any of these expensive services, we offer you free package for one month. No credit cards required