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Fundheartly is updated

It has been a while, but we have some good news to share with your lovely customers and users.  We have updated Fundheartly - crowdfunding platform.  Fundheartly   is a crowdfunding platform for fundraising of all sizes.   Fundheartly   makes it easy for non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, ... The fundheartly platform now allows - GDPR cookie consent button - We have added rewards - Added international bank transfer, so it is much safer for people to donate now -  We have integrated several payment gateways: PayPal, strip, debit/credit card and international bank transfer - We have a new cool dashboard for every user with stats :) - So every campaign will from now on have specific days - And we have updated the core code base as well - More currencies  and campaigns like (together with FB comments module has been added) - The current version of our Fundheartly - crowdfunding platform is running  2.3 There are more than fifty smaller

UnelmaCloud and UnelmaMusic is updated

UnelmaCloud is one of our award-winning cloud platform that acts as a new home for your files. We have now updated both of our platforms.  In the picture below, you can see how UnelmaMusic and UnelmaCloud looks in the mobile :)   The latest fixes glitches reported by our users who are actively using these platforms.  - You can upload more than 5GB of files in the UnelmaCloud for free - You can now upload 3GB of musics in the UnelmaMusic for free - Now you can do the nested search in UnelmaCloud. How cool is that? You can go at any level inside a folder or folders and our generic search would be able to search all files or documents - Payment gateway integration has been fixed for both of our platforms: UnelmaMusic and UnelmaCloud - We have fixed several bugs and issues in this update.  The latest version of UnelmaCloud now is 2.0.8 and UnelmaMusic is 4.3.0 - Keeps your finger crossed for some upcoming cool changes. 

Happy Dashain and Tihar

Happy Vijaya Dashami to everyone from our whole team. Wish for happiness of everyone. 

UnelmaMail now comes with Finnish and Swedish

UnelmaMail now comes with Finnish and Swedish It is our pleasure to announce today that UnelmaMail - an AI-powered email marketing automation platform now comes with Finnish and Swedish language capabilities.  So like we promised a few weeks back, we are working extremely hard or hardly working, we have come up with two more additional language and localisation features in the UnelmaMail platform.  Business Finland supports the localisation project. Some cool surprise is coming your way in the UnelmaMail. Stay tuned!

Unelma Platforms partners with Nepal #1 payment gateway e-Sewa FonePay Pvt. Ltd.

Unelma Platforms, which is an international software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software is partnering with e-Sewa FonePay Pvt. Ltd., which is Nepal #1 payment gateway platform.  e-Sewa is well-known in Nepal and Nepal's first payment gateway. In this partnership, Unelma Platforms aims to utilise e-Sewa payment gateway in all of the Unelma's product especially starting with , a social media network for Nepal and South-East Asia.  For e-Sewa, Rabin Shrestha, merchant integration officer said, “Finally e-Sathi (social networking platform) is now live on eSewa. Now the users of e-Sathi can easily make payment for the profile upgrade via eSewa (First online payment gateway in Nepal). We feel proud to have Unelma as our merchant. eSewa shall always be supporting for the betterment of Unelma platforms in the near future. And I would like to wish Unelma platforms for the successful journey ahead. “ For Unelma Platforms, Laxmi

UnelmaCoin is updated

UnelmaCoin is cryptocurrency exchange platform. There are many exchange platform out there. However, UnelmaCoin is different not just concerning many exchanges that it accommodates but also the real banking transaction can be carried out through UnelmaCoin .  We have now updated UnelmaCoin platform. Using UnelmaCoin, you can exchange your real currency to any digital currency.  As our recent launch of UnelmaCoin, it supports: - GDAX live trading with more than 18 exchange platforms.  - Some of these exchange platforms have millions of users such as Binance, GDAX (i.e. Coinbase Pro), Kraken and many others - The user can add their exchanges if needed - Multiple localisations are now supported in UnelmaCoin (so it is available in English, Spanish, Hindi, Estonian and others language) - UnelmaCoin also promotes leading payment gateway. However, as Stripe is banned in Finland for the cryptocurrency, we cannot trade using Stripe. But there are other alternatives such as PayPa