UnelmaCloud and UnelmaMusic is updated

UnelmaCloud is one of our award-winning cloud platform that acts as a new home for your files. We have now updated both of our platforms.  In the picture below, you can see how UnelmaMusic and UnelmaCloud looks in the mobile :)


The latest fixes glitches reported by our users who are actively using these platforms. 

- You can upload more than 5GB of files in the UnelmaCloud for free

- You can now upload 3GB of musics in the UnelmaMusic for free

- Now you can do the nested search in UnelmaCloud. How cool is that?
You can go at any level inside a folder or folders and our generic search would be able to search all files or documents

- Payment gateway integration has been fixed for both of our platforms: UnelmaMusic and UnelmaCloud

- We have fixed several bugs and issues in this update. 
The latest version of UnelmaCloud now is 2.0.8 and UnelmaMusic is 4.3.0

- Keeps your finger crossed for some upcoming cool changes. 


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