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Happy EarthDay

We at Unelma Platforms are celebrating EarthDay as we do every year. This year one of our technical interns made a short video using the words of wisdom from Dr Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan in the video expresses his wisdom and vision for the future earth. On his own words:  We Humans are Capable of Greatness We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, and the ocean, and the sky. The open roads still, soft and cause. Our little terraqueous globe is the madhouse of those hundred, thousand, millions of worlds. We who can not even put our planetary home in order, riven with rivalries and hatred, ARE WE TO VENTURE OUT INTO SPACE? By the time we are ready to settle even the nearest planetary systems, we will have changed. The simple passage of so many generations will have changed us. The necessity will have changed us. We’re.. an adaptable species. It’ll not be we who reach Alpha Centauri and the other new by stars; it’ll be a species

Unelma Platforms is among top 5% for number of active apps on Google Play

Our mobile team is very active in the development of mobile apps in the Google Play. They shared the recent news that we as the company are going great guns on the Google Play platform.  The current estimate is such that we are among top 5% developers who are actively developing mobile apps on the Google Play.  As our core mission is always to "empower people", we are reflecting on our core values and practising what we are preaching. Most companies do not usually practice what they preach.  Anyway, here are some of the top stats to share publicly with our fans and customers.  We have been active on Google Play platform since 2014 Our current app portfolio contains 22 apps and it is growing very rapidly.  One of our app has 200 thousand installations (which is also among top 10% estimated installation over all apps in the Google Play platform) We have average ratings of 4/5 which is excellent considering the number of apps we have developed in recent year

Unelmiens love to learn from Charlie Munger (investor, businessman and philanthropist)

Now and then we at Unelma Platforms get to learn a lot from out mentors or potential mentors who bring wide array and diverse knowledge into our repertoire. One of our mentors always brings Charlie Munger's wisdom which we find it very fascinating. We too believe that Charlie Munger's wisdom and legacy will live forever. Some of his vast knowledge from his books have also influencing us very much. Here are the favourite quotes from Charlie, which makes us sometimes smile, laugh and discuss among our "Unelmiens" tribes: “Smart people do dumb things.” – Charlie Munger “I would argue that passion is more important than brain power.” – Charlie Munger “Assume life will be really tough, and then ask if you can handle it. If the answer is yes, you’ve won.” – Charlie Munger “You’ll do better if you have passion for something in which you have aptitude. If Warren Buffett had gone into ballet, no one would have heard of him.” – Charlie Munger “The best thing a hum

Never Failed, Never Lived

We made a short video based on already existing popular video on YouTube. It reads: If you've never failed, you've never lived. #learning #unelmaplatforms #empowerpeople #chitwan #nepal #failure #edtech Here is an interesting article written in entrepreneur magazine which echoes the above video:   

Happy Nepali New Year 2075

We " Unelmiens " wish happy Nepali New year 2075 to all our beloved customers, users and fans.  संसार भर छरिएर रहनु भएका सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दाजुभाई तथा दिदि बहिनि हरुमा #UnelmaPlatforms को तर्फबाट नयाँ बर्ष २०७५ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ! Happy New Year 2075 ! #nepal #chitwan #newyear2075

UnelmaMovie AI-based platform: crosses over 100000 pageviews, 50k movie titles, 77k actors and 7k reviews within a week

When we launched UnelmaMovie in Q1 just a couple of weeks ago, we did not expect that UnelmaMovie will cross over 100000 pageviews in just matter of a week.  Today we are pleased to announce some of the stats on our AI-based platform.  As we have inbuilt AI engine, the  movies titles has rise automatically to 54k and it is growing about 1k movie titles every day.  Google's spider and crawler has gone crazy, as they have started indexing all the pages generated by platform, and according to our own home-grown analytics platform, we see that has crossed over 1k indexes in Google Search engine within a week.  So they say the data without insights is useless, and as we see all these fascinating data, we believe UnelmaMovie is generating a lot of interest primarily from North America or US.  In coming days, we will love to share more data and insights about our AI-based movie