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fScraper crossed over 100+ customers worldwide

Today we are really excited to announce that our - data extraction platform has crossed over 100+ customers worldwide. We are really proud of this milestone.  Our awesome customers have taught us many things and we are learning each day by our mistakes. Thank you to all our 100+ customers who are trusting and actively using our data extraction platform. Through our goal is to bring data to the general public which are hidden inside corporate walls. For this, we empower our customers and make them super-easy to fetch get as much data as they want through our fScraper platform.  If you haven't ever tried this service, we encourage you to do so... the good thing when we architected this platform was we made it completely free to normal users as well.  So for those who don't want to sign up and use our service, you may simply get the benefit by searching just like Google at 

Unelma Platforms Launches Music Sharing Platform Called Unelma Musik:

Unelma Musik is music sharing platform that allows users and music lovers to upload their music online and share them with the world. Unelma musik is feature rich with tons of feature that will connect music fans across the globe to share and express the taste of music among themselves. Unelma musik has an outstanding set of features such as streams, which allows anyone to stay updated with other music lovers together with inbuilt messages, playlist, and exploration (that allows people to discover new music and find new friends). One can easily organise the music tracks using the playlist, share your music with friends on all the major social networking platforms or either embed it on your websites or web applications. Unelma Platforms is a software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software for higher-education, healthcare and business markets and Unelma platforms is a world-renowned company for developing high quality and empowering software platforms. One

Making something wonderful

Yesterday on Sept 12, we were watching Apple Keynote event while Tim Cook started the iPhone X speech for the first time in Steve Jobs Theatre with late Steve Jobs voice. We were really in tears after hearing Steve's voice, and his inspirational words of wisdom. Some of the phrases that caught our attention were such as "making something wonderful", "lots of care and love", and "deep appreciation" which we use in our daily lives here at Unelma Platforms.  These words said by late Steve jobs are profound, and we also have deep love and respect not just for our customers and users but also to the rest of the humanity. Our founder is a great fan of late Steve Jobs, and we are too.  We salute you, sir.  There's lots of ways to be as a person, and some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it o

Unelma Platforms Launches Easy-to-Use Websites Building Platform:

HaveWebsite is flexible and easy to use with feature rich themes and templates. Using HaveWebsite users can quickly change the site appearance or bootstrap the project with professional ready designed templates. The users can also create their custom theme and template using HaveWebsite theme creator.  With just a click of a button, users can drag-and-drop images, elements, and build top-notch layouts with feature rich websites that the users want.  Unelma Platforms is a software platform development company, so HaveWebsite is the complete platform where users can utilise the inbuilt HaveWebsite code editor which enables users to write code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for advanced usage. For normal usage, users can simply use a drag-and-drop feature, and no coding knowledge is required. Just by clicking on HaveWebsite elements the markup can be highlighted in the editor, and any change in the markup changes can be instantly visible to the site users are creating. HaveWebsite also

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Unelma Platforms is among the Top 500 companies in the World

Today we are really excited to announce that we have reached a major milestone among the company rankings. Roll the drums...3, 2, 1 Unelma Platforms is among the Top 500 companies in the World.   According to the CrunchBase ( which is a world leading company directory where they have more than more than one hundred thousand companies in their databases, we are ranked among 500)  Yes, we were also a bit surprised but the credit goes to all the hard-working people at Unelma P. Here is the screenshot of the ranking: You see the last column in the table that shows us at 428 position - which is unbelievable for small companies like ours.  Nevertheless, we are big in our hearts because we have one mission in our minds which is to "empower people". Our founder Dr Santosh Kalwar was really pleased to hear about this update and congratulated the entire crew of Unelma Platforms on this important milestone also he reminded the team about efforts and operati