fScraper crossed over 100+ customers worldwide

Today we are really excited to announce that our fScraper.com - data extraction platform has crossed over 100+ customers worldwide. We are really proud of this milestone. 

Our awesome customers have taught us many things and we are learning each day by our mistakes. Thank you to all our 100+ customers who are trusting and actively using our data extraction platform.

Through fScraper.com our goal is to bring data to the general public which are hidden inside corporate walls. For this, we empower our customers and make them super-easy to fetch get as much data as they want through our fScraper platform.  If you haven't ever tried this service, we encourage you to do so... the good thing when we architected this platform was we made it completely free to normal users as well. 

So for those who don't want to sign up and use our service, you may simply get the benefit by searching just like Google at fScraper.com 


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