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Potential Nomination Top 50 SaaS CEOs : Unelma Platforms

Today we got news from SaaS Report which is an online blog of everything SaaS that Unelma Platforms has been identified as potential nomination for 2018 Top 50 SaaS CEOs list. Here is the correspondence that reads: To: Unelma Platforms PR Contact As you may be aware, The SaaS Report publishes an annual Top 50 SaaS CEOs list. Prior year winners included Blackbaud , iCims , , Gainsight , and Docusign , among many others. This year, we have identified Unelma Platforms and its CEO, as a potential nominee in our 2018 process. Nominees are among a select group of CEOs that have demonstrated notable achievements in the recent year. For some background, our distribution is comprised of approx. 25,000 professionals and investors in the software and SaaS industry, with extended media viewership exceeding 55,000 on our executive rankings. To nominate your CEO, please fill out a brief (3 minute) survey at 2018 Survey and let colleagues know to submi

uScraper crossed over 2000 customers, and Umail crossed over 100 customers

We are pleased to announce that today, a web data extraction and web harvesting platform has crossed over 2000 customers.  Similarly, our email marketing automation platform just reached 100 customers. is a most potent web-based tool to extract emails from thousands of websites by URL crawling, text files, and searching in modern search engines. is a most powerful email marketing tool that supports sending millions of emails daily & automates email scheduling with a RESTful API. Umail can do several marketing-related tasks: sending more than a million emails without any hassle or limitation, subscription management, managing lists, importing/exporting mass subscribers from Excel or CSV file format, customizing subscribers, list management and segmentation support, single or double opt-in support, an autoresponder for subscribers, and much more. service is closed because of Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Dear  users and comrades, Thank you for your continuous support and usage of We are happy to see you all among our users and customers and fans. With passing time, things change quite quickly in the technology space. We are sorry to inform you that we will no longer support  service. The recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal has caused everyone the moment of reflection. Because of this data and privacy scandal, the Facebook has  paused the API.  Read more: We can no longer use their search API, and most of these cool features that we implemented in the  platform we have to let it go. Thank you for using fScraper as we are no longer going to provide the support for the service and hope to come up with a better solution next time. As the valued users of fScraper, I would recommend that you try our similar scraping

Unelma Platforms partners with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Stripe and Coingate

Unelma Platforms is proud to announce today that we have made some significant progress in partnering with the big and small-to-medium corporation over the years. In the public cloud offering space, we have partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure. Similarly in the payment space, we have partnered with Stripe payment gateway, and finally, in the crypto space, we have partnered with Coingate.  Here is the list of partners that are working together with Unelma Platforms.  Public cloud Partners We're also building an independent cloud services and attempting to provide technological solutions on the leading public cloud platforms: - AWS partner network - Microsoft Partner  And we have also partnered with leading payment provider for Internet business:  - Stripe - Coingate We are using Stripe for payment processing in some of our Internet services such as and others. Similarly, we are now starting to use

Unelma Platforms participated in Arctic15 startup conference in Helsinki

We were at the @Arctic15 #startup conference in #Helsinki, and look who we met today @GaryVee  where his keynote on #practicality was fascinating #unelmaplatforms #platforms  Some of the pictures from the event: