Unelma Platforms partners with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Stripe and Coingate

Unelma Platforms is proud to announce today that we have made some significant progress in partnering with the big and small-to-medium corporation over the years. In the public cloud offering space, we have partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure. Similarly in the payment space, we have partnered with Stripe payment gateway, and finally, in the crypto space, we have partnered with Coingate. 

Here is the list of partners that are working together with Unelma Platforms. 

Public cloud Partners
We're also building an independent cloud services and attempting to provide technological solutions on the leading public cloud platforms:

- AWS partner network
- Microsoft Partner 

And we have also partnered with leading payment provider for Internet business: 

- Stripe
- Coingate

We are using Stripe for payment processing in some of our Internet services such as Fundheartly.com and others. Similarly, we are now starting to use Coingate.com with UnelmaCoin.com, accepting bitcoin payment through the UnelmaCoin platform. We will add more partners in the year to come as we are a small startup now. 

Note: All logo of AWS, Microsoft, Stripe and Coingate are property of their respective owners. These are used in this blog for identification purposes only.


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