fScraper.com service is closed because of Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Dear fScraper.com users and comrades,

Thank you for your continuous support and usage of fScraper.com.We are happy to see you all among our users and customers and fans. With passing time, things change quite quickly in the technology space.

We are sorry to inform you that we will no longer support fScraper.com service. The recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal has caused everyone the moment of reflection. Because of this data and privacy scandal, the Facebook has paused the API. 

We can no longer use their search API, and most of these cool features that we implemented in the fScraper.com platform we have to let it go.

Thank you for using fScraper as we are no longer going to provide the support for the service and hope to come up with a better solution next time.

As the valued users of fScraper, I would recommend that you try our similar scraping service such as uScraper.com


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