Unelma Platforms is among the Top 500 companies in the World

Today we are really excited to announce that we have reached a major milestone among the company rankings. Roll the drums...3, 2, 1

Unelma Platforms is among the Top 500 companies in the World.  

According to the CrunchBase ( which is a world leading company directory where they have more than more than one hundred thousand companies in their databases, we are ranked among 500) 

Yes, we were also a bit surprised but the credit goes to all the hard-working people at Unelma P.

Here is the screenshot of the ranking:

You see the last column in the table that shows us at 428 position - which is unbelievable for small companies like ours. 

Nevertheless, we are big in our hearts because we have one mission in our minds which is to "empower people". Our founder Dr Santosh Kalwar was really pleased to hear about this update and congratulated the entire crew of Unelma Platforms on this important milestone also he reminded the team about efforts and operationalizing the core mission of the company. 

On this occasion, our founder was generous enough to donate 0.3 million Nepalese Rupees to those affected by recent flooding in Chitwan. 

Thank you for our lovely customers, partners, users and all those who are using our platform products and making an impact. 

Stay tuned!


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