Unelma Platforms is among top 5% for number of active apps on Google Play

Our mobile team is very active in the development of mobile apps in the Google Play. They shared the recent news that we as the company are going great guns on the Google Play platform. 

The current estimate is such that we are among top 5% developers who are actively developing mobile apps on the Google Play. 

As our core mission is always to "empower people", we are reflecting on our core values and practising what we are preaching. Most companies do not usually practice what they preach. 

Anyway, here are some of the top stats to share publicly with our fans and customers. 

  • We have been active on Google Play platform since 2014
  • Our current app portfolio contains 22 apps and it is growing very rapidly. 
  • One of our app has 200 thousand installations (which is also among top 10% estimated installation over all apps in the Google Play platform)
  • We have average ratings of 4/5 which is excellent considering the number of apps we have developed in recent years. 
  • And we have more than 500 ratings for our apps.


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