UnelmaMail project from Business Finland Completed

We started a UnelmaMail - AI-based email marketing automation platform during 2017 and progressed very rapidly in the last three years. 

Last year, during 2019, we received a grant funding from Business Finland (BF) to expedite the process of our research and development for UnelmaMail platform.

I am pleased to inform you that our UnelmaMail project with help from BF (or formerly Tekes) grant has been completed successfully. 

Following primary objectives were discovered from the project.

  • We generated a descent revenue 
  • Our user and customer-based growth was extremely high
  • We have now more than 10 million subscribers in the platform, this is very rapid and extreme growth compared to the project when we had initially 10,000 subscribers during 2017. During these three years time interval, our subscribers have grown to more than 10 million
  • We have partnered and worked closely with many major industry leaders in the platform, e.g. Amazon SES, Twilio Inc (i.e. SendGrid), and others
  • There are several local and international partners in the UnelmaMail platform now... and slowly we are going to expand our networking with these partners in the future as well

In terms of product development, UnelmaMail is improving slowly as well. There are new features and updates which will help many people who love email marketing in general. We will keep you posted about those as well. 

Thank you, Business Finland

We are looking forward to more close co-operation in another project soon as well (hopefully, after this corona crisis is over). 


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