Fundheartly have empowered people to raise $1.3M

Remember last year in 2017 when we launched and announced our platform, ... we hardly got any press or news coverage and the Fundheartly platform had limited user in the platform...and now the metrics have changed drastically. 

We are pleased to announce that our crowdfunding, has empowered people to raise more than $1.3M and the fund amount that we have given to fundraisers is growing every day.

Fundheartly is a crowdfunding platform for fundraising of all sizes. Fundheartly makes it easy for non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and many other causes to raise money from friends, family, colleagues, donors, and supporters.

It is easy to create Fundheartly campaign. You just tell your story in front of potential donors who would understand your story and are willing to help you with the donation amount... and are also willing to invest in the causes they care about most.

Once the campaign is created we help the campaign creators in accumulating the fund, and also potential donors who have questions regarding their donations.

And when the creators are satisfied with funds they have received from donors, they can end their campaign. 

The fund that campaign creator has accumulated is given within 24-48 hours by the Fundheartly team. 

Our goal with Fundheartly is "little help, for big causes" so we attempt to help crowdfund for the causes people care about the most. 

Go create your campaign now.


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