Unelma Platforms Launches Novel and Free Education Platforms Called Vidya ERP for Nepal: Vidya.Software

Vidya ERP is the cloud-based ERP system for the school, college and university management system developed by Unelma Platforms Pvt. Ltd. Vidya ERP provides the most advanced backend ERP with feature-rich resources management and planning for unlimited users in public or private enterprise.

Vidya ERP comes with a handful of features where there is fully functional and automated admission system for students. It is now easy to enrol students for a specific class; students can be imported in bulk and class management with multiple sections is possible without hassle.

Vidya ERP can promote students from one class to another where one can easily choose which students get encouraged to a new academic session. Teachers can efficiently manage students' daily attendance whereby keeping track of students presence and absence. Vidya ERP also comes with exam management, exam evaluation or mark sheet management where comparing and evaluating exam arks is possible.

Vidya ERP comes with tonnes of modules such as transportation management, hostel management and students fee or accounting package. Parents also can pay students fee online without ever visiting the school, college and university where Vidya ERP is installed. One can also easily monitor the status of the whole schools or college, university or your institution) from all in one dashboard.

Vidya ERP is offered free for public schools, colleges and university in Nepal whereby Unelma Platforms staff will provide on-site training and help with the usage of the revolutionary education platform.

Vidya ERP has inbuilt support for Nepalese and English languages and is already gaining some momentum in Chitwan whereby more than 25 public schools have signed an agreement to install this revolutionary education platform.

Vidya ERP is ready for the public, and an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone at vidya.software.

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