Unelma Platforms Launches Nepal’s First File Sharing and Cloud Storage Platform: UnelmaCloud.com

UnelmaCloud is one of the first file sharing and cloud storage platform developed in Chitwan, Nepal. It allows users to share files across multiple devices from anywhere on the Internet. UnelmaCloud surpasses current industry leaders in file sharing and cloud storage solution.
UnelmaCloud comes with users dashboard that is filled with many easy to use features to manage and preview files and folders. It also allows to sharing of files across social networks or through email. Users of the UnelmaCloud platform can easily drag and drop files, create favourites, trash files or folders and use the generic search feature to search across all the files in simple and intuitive manner.
UnelmaCloud is offered with 5GB free storage for the registered users. And for the business customers, the platform is provided in a software-as-a-service model. As a result, users are offered multiple tiers of storage space for the chosen price per month.
UnelmaCloud allows not only files to be uploaded, but the files can be with any file extension including audio, video, images, text, zip and pdf files. These files can be previewed right in the UnelmaCloud software without the need to download them. And the software allows a user to easily create secure links with a password protection for the uploaded files and folders for sharing across social networking sites or directly through email.
Unelma Platforms has partnered with Amazon Cloud to offer the UnelmaCloud service. Unelma platforms are very much determined to make it ad-free and readily available to anyone.
Unlike other competitive file storage service which does not give you the control of how files are displayed, UnelmaCloud comes with tonnes of tools for businesses and easy-to-use offering for a reasonable consumer and claims, “a new home for your files.”
UnelmaCloud is ready for the public; an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone.
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