Unelma Platforms Launches Groundbreaking SaaS-Based Data Extraction Platform: uScraper.com

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of its new data extraction platform, uScraper.com. uScraper turns the web into a database and allows users to extract structured data from websites without writing any computer code. The users collected data is stored on uScraper’s cloud servers to be downloaded and shared. For example, extraction of email list from multiple sources i.e. text/JSON/XML/doc/docx/pdf files and the favourite search engine such as Google/Yahoo/Bing can be simply done with the click of a button.

Unelma platforms claim that uScraper is a most powerful web-based tool to extract various kinds of data by well-tested techniques like crawling and deep searching on Google/Bing/Yahoo search platforms. uScraper can scrape encoded texts and also ASCII-encoded information can be easily decoded by uScraper. uScraper is targeted at product managers, advertisers and marketers and also towards computer hobbyist and enthusiasts who want to extract and generate insights using the uScraper platform.

uScraper is a SaaS-based; an early beta version is launched to make web data available free to everyone.

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