UnelmaMail has been updated

Some hard work from the development team from Unelma Platforms... we have updated UnelmaMail.com platform.

UnelmaMail aims to be the world's first AI-powered email marketing platform

In this recent update, we have the following changes:
 - We added support for Zapier integration
    Zapier is an excellent intuitive framework which allows you to sync more than thousands of app together. 
-  Added support for failed deliveries retries
-  UnelmaMail now supports system error notification
-  A couple of essential bugs has been fixed
-  Fixed open and click tracking not working sometimes
-  Fixed where sometimes incorrect user IP detection was shown

For those customers who like integration, here is a straightforward use-case:

For example, you can make an async scenario like this:

"For every email I received to my Gmail box, extract the Email Address, Name and add to UnelmaMail"

Just sign up for an account, add an integration (Add A-Zap), choose Gmail as the trigger and follow the procedures to make an integration. 

We are planning something exciting for UnelmaMail, stay tuned for future updates....


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