Qualys scans and attests Unelma Platforms for PCI-DSS Compliance

Qualys scans and attests Unelma Platforms for PCI-DSS Compliance

As we have been working on empowering our customers and users around the world, network security and payment processing are extremely important. 

Recently our network team went through scanning of our server and did the full scan of our entire servers. After hard work by both the Qualys team and also by our server administrator team, we have finally received an attestation from the Qualys for PCI-DSS compliance. 

One of our platform which is gaining a lot of momentum lately is UnelmaPay.com which offers a fin-tech solution to the users around the world.

Unelma Pay  offers  Top-up, Utility services, Automate billing services. Unelma Pay is ongoing PCI-compliant service provided to the customers with multiple utility bills payments such as water and electricity bills payments, merchant integration to integrate into WordPress websites and shopping services. 

Unelma Pay does not directly process any credit card transactions. Unelma Pay only offers services to customers through other PCI-DSS compliant payment providers.  

As per the guidelines of security standards for credit card data processing, our business never see (or have access to) card data at all. We also check our network for security vulnerabilities every quarter as per the recommendation by auditors and security companies such as Qualys. 

Here is a one page executive summary of our PCI-DSS compliant certificate from Qualys. 

About Qualys:
Qualys, Inc. provides cloud security, compliance and related services and is based in Foster City, California. Qualys is an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) from PCI security standards. 

For more info, contact Qualys Support

About Unelma Platforms:

Unelma Platforms is an international group of people and developers that provide state-of-the-art software solutions. 

For more info, contact Unelma Support


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