UnelmaMusic and UnelmaMail API have been published to ProgrammableWeb's API Directory

UnelmaMusic and UnelmaMail  API have been published to ProgrammableWeb's API Directory!

Excellent news from Unelma family before the Xmas season and holiday will start.  Both of our APIs from two different platforms: UnelmaMusic and UnelmaMail have been now accepted and published to ProgrammableWeb's API directory.

Developers can take advantage of our two platforms by building cool stuff with it. For example, UnelmaMusic enables users to share #music and connect with #artists. #API returns artists' names, websites, countries, record, release, license, times, and views http://bit.ly/2BxAriL

Similarly, UnelmaMail API in REST architecture allows syncing email features into database applications. Developers can select a subscription plan before API testing, development, and release.

About ProgrammableWeb:
ProgrammableWeb is a source for open APIs, mashups and web as the platform. MuleSoft has acquired ProgrammableWeb. Salesforce acquired MuleSoft in $6.5 billion recently.  
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About Unelma Platforms:
Unelma platforms aim to deliver state-of-the-art software to empower people. 
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