UnelmaMovie now uses The Movie Database (TMDB) official API

UnelmaMovie now uses The Movie Database (TMDB) official API

UnelmaMovie, which is a free online database of movies for preview and streaming is now an official partner of The Movie Database (TMDB). This partnership allows us to use the official API of TMDB in the UnelmaMovie platform.  

A recent API request shows about 100,000 calls made in UnelmaMovie within the last four weeks of the usage. 

For those who don't know what TMDB is:

In short, TMDB is a crowd-sourced movie database which is used by many companies across different apps, websites and platforms in order to list more than 400k movies that they have in their database.  Compared to IMDb they have a comprehensive list of Hollywood films. 

The current stats from TMDB shows 1 million TV episodes and 77k TV shows with more 1 million community of moviegoers and movie lovers contributing to the TMDB community. 

On this occasion, the chief operating officer of Unelma  Platforms, Laxmi Kalwar said: "Our experience working with TMDb especially in terms of our UnelmaMovie platform and API integration has been absolutely wonderful! The powerful API linked with its excellent availability and the smoothness of services is top-notch. We will continue to work with the TMDb community and usage of their services in the long run with our UnelmaMovie platform.

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