UnelmaCloud and Userly.org are updated

UnelmaCloud and Userly.org are  updated

In UnelmaCloud, our developers have fixed several bugs

- Now it would be possible to Load all child files and folders for a shareable link, regardless of how deeply they are nested in the platform
- There is also a Fix for an appearance editor colour issues on Microsoft Edge browser
- A fix has been made to allow setting user "available space" setting to "unlimited."
- Some advertisements issue related to Adsense for responsive ads has also been done
- The payment option for the users which is by Default to free billing plan if, for example, free plan exits else if no plan has been set for the user, a user is not subscribed to any plan
- A lot of UI fixes with files grid for some screen sizes 

In Userly.org, we have updated the platform to latest version with some minor UI and UX changes. 

The payment option has been removed from the home page. And there is forever free plan for all the users. 

The bulk limit has also been increased to use native API. 

The source code with how to use Userly.org API is made open source which can be found in GitHub:


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