Unelma Platforms has been selected to receive the BID Quality Achievement (BQA) award but Rejects the Honour

Yet another award correspondence, that reads something like this:

Dear Sirs:

We are contacting you with this notification that Unelma Platforms has been selected to receive the BID Quality Achievement (BQA) Award in the Gold category at the International Quality Crown Convention which will take place in London, Great Britain, on November 17th and 18th. 

This award is the outcome of the research and analysis carried out by Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and Quality experts, directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID) and BID Group One, which recognizes the contribution of Unelma Platforms in terms of leadership, quality, innovation and excellence. The presentation of the award to Unelma Platforms is contingent on meeting the requirements of the program. 

The BID Quality Achievement (BQA) Selection Committee has based this decision on the criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management model. This model, in conjunction with the BID Quality Mix technology, will strengthen your position of leadership and help to improve the growth and visibility of your organization. 

No award is a substitute for your hard work that you are doing for you and your organisation. 

A quick google search can reveal that this type of award might be scam so be aware from these type of scammers and scammy awards. Center for Investigative Reporting and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) have called "meaningless international awards", and are more widely known as "vanity awards"


So we are not worthy of such scammy awards, thank you!


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