Unelma Platforms partners with JCM Consulting

Unelma Platforms, which is an international software platform development company specialising in state-of-the-art software for business markets is partnering with JCM Consulting, which is a new, flexible, no-nonsense capital investment company that brings together ideas and capital and creates success stories. 

JCM Consulting has worked previously with FashionTV, Choicely, Lexit, VIP Finland and many other firms. 

In this partnership, JCM Consulting will advise on business investment operation of Unelma Platforms. 

In recent year, Unelma platforms is developing a new visionary product regarding email marketing automation and artificial intelligence engine. 

Much of email marketing at the present day is focused on sending emails through the popular platform such as MailChimp and Salesforce which charges higher on prices without delivering useful analytics.  

With Unelma Mail, there is integration with not just third-party plugins and add-ons but also data visualisation, conversation tracking, marketing automation, scheduling and robust API integration. 

JCM Consulting will provide in-depth investment and financial assistance to Unelma Platforms in the development of its Unelma Mail product and seek to improve the quality of email marketing automation not just in English speaking world but also in the Spanish and another diverse speaking worlds.

For more information, contact 

JCM Consulting Oy

Unelma Platforms Oy


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