Unelma Platforms Launches Revolutionary AI Based UnelmaMovie.com Platform

Unelma Platforms launches UnelmaMovie.com, a movie and TV series platform based on artificial intelligence which allows users to search for a movie or television series automatically. The movies and series are automated daily using UnelmaMovie proprietary algorithm.

UnelmaMovie has about 50,000 titles on the platform currently, and it is doubling on its own. As a platform, UnelmaMovie.com allows the best content or the best movie shown on the top of the platform. UnelmaMovie as a platform also enables the streaming services where users can add movie or tv series content if they wish to do so.

On the more technological front, UnelmaMovie.com has in-built web scrapers and a neural network that fetches thousands of movies and series on the web and displays them to the potential movie lovers on-the-fly. Every day more than one thousand movie titles and television series is added automatically to UnelmaMovie.com platform.

UnelmaMovie also has powerful filtering options which will filter the movies and series based on movie genre, release year and critics ratings.

UnlemaMovie.com can generate not only millions and millions of movies titles, actors and profile pages for latest movies and series in a matter of few days but also has the recommendation engine that would suggest the best movies to watch for the moviegoers. UnelmaMovie also presents the best matches based on the popularity of the cinema browsed by the users of the platform.

UnelmaMovie.com comes with automatically generated movie profile for actors and actresses through IMDB and Wikipedia public pages. UnelmaMovie also has the user registration feature whereby users of UnelmaMovie can become a member using social authentication.

There are many best video streaming services available on the market however, UnelmaMovie is free from the advertisement. UnelmaMovie might have the potential to be one of the most prominent platforms for the film in Nepal and around the world, especially on the Internet.

UnelmaMovie (unelmamovie.com) is ready for the public; an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone.

As seen on PR, BizWireExpress


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