Unelma Cloud has been updated with some latest changes

We are happy to inform that our cloud storage platform, UnelmaCloud.com has been updated with some enhancement and changes. 

We are working on some significant update to the UnelmaClould.com ... but there were minor bugs that needed to be fixed as soon as possible. We thank our users who reported these bugs. Without your help and feedback, we cannot move forward. 

As the compatibility with the server has recently increased, we have now improved the API inside the UnelmaCloud. The rendering of video and audio can be done within the browser itself soon as the native capability of browser player has advanced these days. 

We also fixed an issue where in some server the user's account password was not changing correctly. Mainly thanks to those users who reported it a few weeks back. 

If you haven't tried Unelma Cloud yet, we will be happy to receive your suggestion for our significant release later during the year. 

Go and store files as much as you want. We offer 5GB of disk space for free. 


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