Kuora.co has crossed over 200+ users worldwide

It is our pleasure to announce that our publishing platform, Kuora.co has crossed over 200+ users worldwide. 

The growth of our Kuora.co users is not surprising to us since our latest version update to the Kuora.co platform, actually it was expected. The recent version update has fixed several bugs which have resulted in users loving the platform more than ever before.

Now it is easy to chat with another user on the platform, Kuora.co. No such platform has such feature yet. But rather than any fancy feature, we listen to our users and develop based on their feedback and requests. 

If you are new to Kuora.co platform or you have never used it before, please feel free to ask questions as much as you want. Of course, you will find some knowledgeable people with empowering mind on this planet who is open to provide you with a better response in the shortest time possible. 

Thank you to our beloved users who reported about the issues earlier. We are all ears again!

If you have questions or comments, please post them here about 
Kuora.co -question and answers platform. 


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