HaveWebsite 2.0 : most powerful and easy to use website building platform updated

We are glad to inform our HaveWebsite customers and users that we have updated HaveWebsite- most powerful and easy to use website building platform with significant changes. 

We were just running our beta version of 1.0 earlier at HaveWebsite, however now we have upgraded from version 1.0 to version 2.0. Our version 2.0 of HaveWebsite looks slick in design and have a thinner footprint. 

We thank our early adopters who used our most powerful and easy to use website building platform: HaveWebsite whereby giving up feedback and comments. We thank you for also reporting the bugs. As per our bug bounty program, we have given rewards to those users and developers who gave initial feedback. Thank you all for that.

Now with version 2.0 here is the list of changes:  we have added a subscription feature just like our other products, we have improved the layouts and utilized bootstrap four frameworks. We have redesigned the core engine with Google's Material design.  We have also added social login which will allow users to log in or register with a click of a button. 

As per our philosophy of responsiveness or responsive design, we have simplified the projects creation and template structures.  Of course, we collaborate with notable corporation likes of Amazon and Googles, so we are continually learning from them.

We believe that HaveWebsite is now much improved compare to earlier version 1.0 which was in the beta phase.  Of course, the journey does not end there, and we will continue developing our website building platform later this year as well together with our other notable platforms.

Thank you for your invaluable comments, feedback and suggestion. Please feel free to contact us in case you have more feedback or comment on HaveWebsite.com: most powerful and easy to use website building platform.


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