Unelma Platforms' Fundheartly Empowers People with Millions of Dollars for the Charitable Causes

During the last year, Unelma platforms announced the launch of its crowdfunding platform where the platform was slow to scale and grow.

Today Unelma platforms' Fundheartly team is proud to announce the growth and the scalability metrics.

Fundheartly is a crowdfunding platform for fundraising of all sizes.

Fundheartly, a crowdfunding platform, makes it easy for non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and many other causes to raise money from friends, family, colleagues, donors, and supporters.

Unelma platforms is pleased to announce with this press release that crowdfunding platform, Fundheartly.com has empowered people to raise more than $1.3M in funds. The Fundheartly team and the fund amount that fundraisers have received seems to be also growing daily.

The customers of Fundheartly can write their story on the platform, and the potential donors would donate the to fund based on their preferences. The platform enables both the donors and the investors to connect and exchange the ideas. Most of the investors and donors are most likely to invest in the causes they would care about the most.

For the respective campaign creators, it is relatively easy to create a campaign through Fundheartly. The Fundheartly team makes it a smooth process to transfer the funds from the beginning till the campaign completion: creation, funds transfer, security of the funds and deposit of the funds.

The goal of the Fundheartly crowdfunding platform is to provide a little help, for significant causes.

Fundheartly.com seems to be scaling and empowering people with millions of dollars for the charitable foundations that are being created on the platform.

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