Kuora.co - questions and answers platform has been updated

It is our pleasure to announce that today we have updated our questions and answers platform, Kuora.co with the latest changes. Our engineers, designers and developers are working extremely hard and smart to make some of the demanding changes that users of the Kuora.co platform reported. 

For those users who send us valuable feedback on the scrolling issue, very much thank you for that as we have fixed that bug. For those users who wanted RSS feed, we have a good news for you. We've added that feature in this update. 

You can also check with W3C feed validator service whether we are providing valid  RSS feed or not. All the content be it questions, users and answers almost everything has own unique RSS feed link. 

We are also working on adding more language to Kuora.co (Nepalese language translation is soon coming to our question and answer platform). 

Compared to Quora.com, which is a major question and answer platform we have added Chat service which is now available for all online users. Any users of https://kuora.co can chat with any other user without the need to follow them. 

As this was a significant update, we have removed most of the legacy code that was blocking us to move forward and built on MVC framework for better performance and less page loading time. 

Of course, there are many other bugfixes based on users comments and valuable feedback. And we thank you very much for that. We are always happy to receive your comments and feedback to improve our questions and answers platform. 


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