HaveWebsite.com - updated with the latest changes

We have now updated our most powerful and easy to use website building platform: havewebsite.com 

HaveWebsite comes with all elements or elements panel on left sidebar which can be used for basic operation and a lot more complex combination of HTML markup, CSS and JavaScript behaviour on individual elements. 

You can easily drag and drop elements from the elements panel into the builder. Note that you might be able to drop them anywhere as one desires because HaveWebsite follows the official HTML5 specification. 

We have now updated HaveWebsite with following changes:

- Export panel will not show updated resources at all times
- Different users can now create project with similar names
- Undo/redo button has been fixed
- Current project now can be saved as template
- Several other small bugfixes have been done
- An issue with default image element which was showing non-existing image has been fixed
- Fixed an issue with custom templates

Simply register and build your awesome websites using HaveWebsite.com 


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