Unelma Platforms Announced the Launch of Question-and-Answer Platform Called Kuora.co

Chitwan, Nepal, August 28, 2017 -- Unelma Platforms announced the launch of question-and-answer platform called Kuora.co

Kuora.co is a question answer platform where people can share knowledge and make the world better place. Kuora's mission is to participate and develop the world’s knowledge especially for those underprivileged, growing communities and people of so-called "third-world" countries.

Unelma platforms want to connect and unite those type of individuals with open individuals who want to share the knowledge and collaborate by asking questions and providing insightful answers.

Unelma platforms claim that the heart of Kuora is questions and problems that affect the world, issues that explain world events, topics that guide critical life decisions, and inquiries that provide insights into why one person is different than others. Of course, there are countless question-answer platforms from many other world-renowned companies and sites. However, Kuora is different regarding taste.

The significant difference between Kuora and other similar question-answer platforms is that Kuora does not sell your data and personal information to third-parties and advertisers because Unelma platforms through Kuora.co products are not in the business of revenue generation but instead in the business of empowering people from everywhere and from all walks of life.

Using Kuora, users can ask question or post answers on multiple topics. The platform is offered in multiple different languages. For example, Nepalese, English and a few other languages. Contributions owned by the author. The user retains the copyrighting and is sole owner of their contributions. Kuora.co grants "worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license" to content use, distribution, or modification.

Kuora.co is ready for the public; an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone. The sneak peeks of Kuora -question-and-answer platform can be seen by visiting following site: kuora.co


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