Education technology platform launched in Nepal:

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of an original and innovative education technology or EdTech product called Unelma Academy. Unelma platforms expertise lies in higher-education, healthcare and business markets. In higher-education domains, Unelma platforms have come up with this revolutionary platform called Unelma Academy.

Since higher-education is a fundamental human right, and as part of the Unelma platforms' core mission which is to "empower people" one part of that contention is also to enable students and teachers to develop their education and careers. Unelma Academy's ( mission is to bring affordable, friendly, and profoundly productive higher education in Nepal and to the world.

Unelma Academy is an online learning platform where anyone can teach, learn, and develop their personal, business and professional skills.

Using Unelma Academy course development tools teachers and authors can upload videos, slides, audio and course materials and live classes to create as many courses as they want. Educators and instructors and also interact with students and other users of the platform via online discussion boards. There is no limit on the depth and breadth of the course offered. Unelma Academy can provide free and paid courses depending on the authors.

Unelma Academy is architected and designed to be a simple yet powerful platform which not just allows students to search for courses but also allows teachers to develop personalised learning materials. Unlike many other MOOC based traditional ed-tech solutions Unelma Academy allows anyone to create a course, promote a course and earn value by charging student tuition fees.

The founders and developers of Unelma Academy understand that education does not start or end with a university degree.

As stated by Unelma platform's founder and CEO, Dr Santosh Kalwar in the launch of Unelma Academy platform that "every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning". Unelma platforms believe that education is no longer a one-time event but an enduring lifelong experience.

Education should always be less passive and no longer a one-way monotonous event but more active partaking. Education should always empower students to succeed not just in school or higher-education but in life.

Also reported in PR, Samenacouncil


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