Unelma Platforms Launches Artificial Intelligence Driven Chat Application Called Unelma Chat: chat.unelma.co

Unelma Platforms announced the launch of an original chat-based application called Unelma Chat. Unelma Chat is an independent, stand-alone chat application that customers will be able to install on their server.

Unelma Chat application comes with widget embedding one-liner code that users will be able to copy and paste on their websites which will allow chatting with their site visitors.

Unelma Chat is filled with tonnes of features some of which are desktop notification, emotions support, JavaScript API, SMTP support, URL monitoring, canned messages, SSL support, cross-domain usage, past logs, and no monthly recurring fees.

Unelma Chat can be used for many suitable use-cases in business domains such as there is a possibility to add a significant number of departments and multiple operators that are or will operate in those departments.

Unelma Platforms is determined to provide support and services for those users who would be interested in customer related inquiries in content-management systems. Thus, it can also be used with many popular CMSes, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and OpenCart.

The Unelma Chat application gives absolute independence and freedom from periodic costs that small-to-medium business (SME) and consumers face daily in customer support. It can be used as an alternative to subscription based chatting services sold by many third-parties and other companies.

Unelma platforms has also announced its plans to launch artificial intelligence (AI) bots that will allow customers to transact, manage support, perform client services, operation, and send/receive messages via Unelma Chat messaging application later this year.

Unelma Chat is ready for the public; an early beta version is launched free to use by anyone. The sneak peek of Unelma Chat application can be seen from chat.unelma.co

Also reported in PR, BroadWayWorld


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